Is non-governmental, voluntary, philanthropic and non-profitable organization. Its basic aim is to raise the quality of life for children, young people and families, to represent their interests, assert to their needs and protect their rights. The organization has several decades of tradition and its programs are marked by a high degree of professionalism, quality and success. is dedicated to promoting the values of voluntary work and quality human relationships.


We are volunteers and experts in various fields of work. Our purpose is to help children and support their rights. We are the promoters of responsible parenthood and a friendly, tolerant and open society. Therefore, we are those, who offer rich and dynamic projects and programs for children that give them new knowledge about different things, and help them get socially included. Our mission is to provide these children with a healthy and stress-free childhood. Moreover, we do not help only them, but their families as well.

Two major humanitarian projects:

  • ‘Sponsorship in Slovenia’ started in 2010 under The Association of Friends of Youth Ljubljana Moste-Polje. It is focused on helping children and youth from socially disadvantaged families from all over Slovenia. More:
  • Chain of good people – The project is aimed at helping families with young children who are in need. We help them deal with the situation with a comprehensive assistance program that we have developed through years of working with families. The goal of the project is to connect children in need with people who are willing to help, with the intention of increasing possibilities for healthy development and creating equal opportunities for all children.

We have also preventive programs:

  • Multigenerational Center “Skupna točka”
  • “Dobro sem” – A mental health program for vulnerable groups,
  • “Rastemo skupaj”- the program under the auspices of ZPM Ljubljana Moste-Polje and with the support of the global network The Human Safety Net (THSN).
  • Project Connecting, Collaborating, Expert, Listened! or easy PSSS! has linked five organizations to a partnership to better connect and collaborate with us, raise awareness of our work, highlight the diversity of content we cover and the expertise of each partner.

We organize summer camps (7 and 10 days camps in July and August each year):

Programs for Youth and Teens are also very popular, since we organize travel trips in Europe (every year we choose different destination). So far we traveled trough Italy, Denmark, Germany, France, Turkey, Greece, Spain, England…

We are happy to make other people happy – especially children. And to share happiness you must be happy yourself! 


We invite you to join us in helping poor, sick, neglected, exploited children, young people and families and to share your experiences with others. 

How to become a donor? 
It’s really simple; all you need to do is give us a telephone call or send us a short letter, saying that you want to help. We will send you a contract and describe the situation a child or a family is in. Both, financial funds and material goods are very much welcome. Grants are funds that we need in order to implement the projects that are presented on our website. 

If you wish to remain anonymous you can make a donation to: 
* ZPM Lj.Moste.Polje, Proletarska 1, Ljubljana 
* Purpose: humanitarian aid 

* IBAN: SI56 3300 0000 1303 865, BIC: HAABSI22, reference 00 301. 

Thank you on the behalf of the children, young people and families!
Anita Ogulin



The holiday home is located in the Triglav National Park, at the foothill of the mountain Prisojnik. This is an oasis of peace, beauty, kindness, helpfulness, that offers young and old guests enormous educational, social and sports programs throughout the year.

The holiday home has 71 beds in seven rooms on two floors. Each room has its own bathroom. The house has a rustic style room, a casino, a large multipurpose room or winter Garden. The house is equipped with audio and video equipment, microscopes. Users can access the Internet via a wireless connection free of charge. There is a multifunctional sports field (for volleyball, basketball, mini-football, between two fires, badminton) with lighting. There are playgrounds for pre-school children (climbing, slide, swing).

Room 1 1st floor – 10
Room 2 1st floor – 12
Room 3 1st floor – 6
Room 4 2nd floor – 10
Room 5 2nd floor – 12
Room 6 2nd floor – 6
Room 7 3rd floor – 15


In a spacious park surrounded with pine trees, in an Istrian town called Zambratija, stands a big house. This is no ordinary house, because every summer, it is transformed into a holiday home for children. It is a place for socializing, being creative and having fun through activities that strengthen the soul and the body.

ACCOMMODATION The home has three floors, with room for 130 people. Altogether, there are 15 rooms (5 with a balcony) that can accommodate 4-11 people each. The bathrooms are shared by the rooms on the same floor, but the room for people with disabilities has its own bathroom. The biggest room in the house, the dining room, is also used as a hall or a multipurpose room, where different audio, video and lighting equipment is available (dance evenings, karaoke, games…). 
PLAYGROUNDS, PARKS The holiday home Zambratija lies in a large green park, which offers a refreshing shade in hot summer days. Next to the home, there are also surfaces for playing handball, football, basketball, volleyball and table tennis. These surfaces can also be used after dark, thanks to the lighting equipment. There is room for different activities in the dining room and the home itself is a great place for various holiday and after-school activities. 
BEACH The home has its own beach, which is just a minute away from the holiday home. The sea here is very clean and the floor is covered with sand. There is small house on the beach with a bathroom and showers; it is also used for storing swimming aids and toys for playing in the sand. There are also canoes, which can be borrowed for exploring the sea. 
FOOD To keep your stomach full, we have our own kitchen with high-quality food that is prepared every day by our friendly cooks. Also, you will never be thirsty, because there is always juice at hand. 
ASSISTANCE The friendly staff takes care of tidiness, hygiene and they are always there to help you. You can take a walk to Savudrija with your children, visit the resort Katoro or take the tourist train to Umag, from where you can take various boat trips. 
HEALTH AID There is always a nurse in the holiday home to help you.
PRICESChildren in kindergarten € 24.00. Children from primary schools € 26.00. Teachers € 27.00. Price includes full board, medical escort, tourist tax, VAT.
RESERVATIONS Phone: +386 82 058209. E-mail: